Belgians Make More Than Just Great Waffles!

Discover the amazing taste of sausage from Belgium! We love creating sausage and supporting the community. We can help you fundraise for your organization and put dinner on the table- a win-win! 


Through our fundraising program, we are able to help and support local schools and charities and bring the delicious taste of authentic sausage from Belgium to our community.

Fundraising with Gourmand

  • We offer six different types of sausage and three flavors of snack sticks meaning every palate will find something they love.
  • Our sausage make the core of a great meal.
  • Gourmand is local and is committed to making a difference in the community.
  • We offer competitive pricing on our delicious sausage and a portion of the proceeds go back to the your organization.
  • With an easy to use order form and friendly staff, we ensure that the whole process is simple for you as the fundraiser organizers.
  • All of our sausage is made right here in Michigan while keeping authentic flavor from Belgium.
  • Soon you’ll be able to place your orders online, making the whole process even easier.

About Us

Traditional sit down family dinners are a staple in our household. With everyone’s busy schedule and hectic routines, we always find the time to meet and reminisce over a delicious homemade dinner. Our uniquely flavored Belgium Sausage has always been one of our favorites. Whenever it was on the menu, we found that the amount of place settings needed would increase! Whether we were making it for breakfast with eggs or grilling it for dinner over the year’s folks would always ask for a tray or two to take home. A Gourmand by definition is one who is heartily interested in good food and drink. The Gourmand’s Sausage Company was established in 2013, so we could share our delicious sausage with other families who love to eat!

Our Sausage

We offer six different delicious types of sausage and three types of snack sticks. As always, our fresh sausages have no MSG, are gluten free and have no preservatives.

Single Sausage

We offer six different types of sausage which are available in individual packages or in a three pack. Each sausage is $9 for a single package or a 3 pack for $24.

Belgium Sausage 18 oz.
Polish Sausage 18 oz.
Italian Sausage 18 oz
Spicy Italian Sausage 18 oz
Belgium Breakfast Sausage 12 oz
Stadium Kielbasa 16 oz

Multi-Flavor Pack

Our multi-flavor packs give one of each of three different kinds of our delicious sausage. Our current options are listed below:

Holiday Pack- includes Breakfast, Italian and Stadium Kielbasa $24
Tour of Europe- includes Belgium, Italian, Polish $24
Party Pack- includes Stadium, Spicy, Italian and 1 of each Snack Stick.


Let’s Work Together!

We are passionate about helping the community and can’t wait to work with you to help you raise money and deliver delicious sausage to your supporters.