Belgians Make More Than Just Great Waffles!

Discover the amazing taste of sausage from Belgium! We love creating sausage and supporting the community. We can help you fundraise for your organization and put dinner on the table- a win-win! 

Our Sausage

We offer eight different delicious types of sausage.  As always, our fresh sausages have no MSG, are gluten free and have no preservatives.

 Single Sausage

We offer eight different types of sausage which are available in individual packages or in a three pack. Each sausage is $10 for a single package or a 3 pack for $27.

Belgium Sausage 18 oz.
Polish Sausage 18 oz.
Italian Sausage 18 oz.
Spicy Italian Sausage 18 oz.
Belgium Breakfast Sausage 12 oz.
Irish Bangers Sausage 18 oz
Hungarian Brand Sausage 18 oz
Chorizo Sausage 18 oz.



Multi-Flavor Pack

Our multi-flavor packs give one of each of three different kinds of our delicious sausage. Our current options are listed below:

Holiday Pack- includes Breakfast, Italian, Hungarian $27
Tour of Europe- includes Belgium, Italian, Polish $27
Party Pack- includes Irish Bangers, Spicy Italian, Chorizo $27


Let’s Work Together!

We are passionate about helping the community and can’t wait to work with you to help you raise money and deliver delicious sausage to your supporters.